Podcast Tools: Tips on Livestreaming from PodCamp 4

Last summer, at PodCamp 4 in Boston, well-known video blogger Steve Garfield joined HubSpot’s Karen Rubin and Mike Volpe, in providing tips on Best Equipment for Video Podcasting.

Rubin and Volpe opened the session, describing the equipment they use in the weekly live video podcast, known as HubSpot TV (airs every Friday, at 4:00).

Volpe explained that HubSpot has used Modulus (now rebranded as Livestream) and more recently, Ustream.tv (which Vople said is a bit cheaper), for streaming the HubSpot TV show.

He went on to describe the two duplicate setups, which HubSpot uses for the live broadcast:

  • Setup A: Consists of a mike connected to laptop, which in turn connects to a webcam, allowing for livestreaming via the USB port.
  • Setup B: Consists of a mike connected to a standard camcorder, which provides a higher quality recording than the webcam, and is used for distributing video podcasts on iTunes.

Volpe went on to recommend investing in a camcorder, with an external microphone jack, because most camcorders come with bad audio. He also mentioned that light helps a lot in reducing shadows and suggested buying at least two inexpensive lights, to use on either side.

Garfield clarified that the reason HubSpot requires two cameras—one for livestreaming and one for recording—is because HubSpot’s camera, like most recent HD cameras, does not come with FireWire. (Instead, newer cameras now usually come with an SD card or USB cable.) According to Garfield, older high quality cameras came with FireWire, which enabled livestreaming onto your computer, from your HD camera. It’s still possible to get HD cameras with FireWire, but these cameras are now usually more expensive, in the $3500 range.

Garfield further advised to always look for the light, while Rubin explained that the person with the camera should always stand with his or her back to the window, and with the light shining on the videotape subject.

An audience member added that qik.com supports streaming from your mobile phone.

For more tips on how to make your own TV podcast, see How to Make Your Own HubSpot TV Podcast in 10 Steps.

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