Video Podcasting for B2B

Still inspired by the release of Steve Garfield’s Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business, I continue to focus on video in a series of related posts this month. This latest post includes slides which I saved from awhile back, after my participation at PodCamp 4, in Boston.

There, HubSpot’s Mike Volpe and Karen Rubin described Video Podcasting for B2B Marketing, in one of the best sessions I attended, from a memorable series of sessions, at last summer’s sea-side unconference on podcasting.

Volpe and Rubin described the level of risk involved in producing different types of video podcasts, as follows:

  • High Risk: Viral Videos
  • Med Risk: Interviews, Video Podcast
  • Low Risk: How To Videos, Webinars, Company Overview

The slides link to examples of different approaches to video for B2B Marketing. (To view one of my all-time favorite viral videos, you must see You Oughta Know Inbound Marketing with HubSpot’s Rebecca Corliss. Also included in the slides below is a link to a video interview with PodCamp co-founder, Chris Penn, on Podcasting.)

Hosts of HubSpot TV, Volpe and Rubin racked up an impressive 70,000 views in their first year of video podcasting. At PodCamp 4, they provided lots of helpful advice from their podcasting experience, including Video Content Tips and Things to Avoid for Video, as described below.

Video Content Tips

  • Short is sweet.
  • Focus on first 10 seconds.
  • Live videos require no editing.
  • Camera shy? Try screen recording.
  • Be yourself, outline not script.
  • Iterate.

Things to Avoid for Video

  • Backlight or window backgrounds
  • Expensive camara
  • Tile floors or empty rooms (echo)
  • Expensive editing software

They also recommended including a call to action, at the end of your B2B video podcast.

For more helpful tips, especially on how to promote and track analytics for your podcasts via YouTube,, and TubeMogul, make sure to check out the presentation slides.

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