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Content for a Convergent World. Copyright © 2009 All Rights Reserved is for information purposes only. The views expressed here were the author’s alone, at the time of the author’s research and writing, between Mar. 2009 – Oct. 2011. These views do not necessarily reflect the views of the author’s employers (past, present, or future), other organizations, the author’s current views, the views of any individual or organization discussed in this eclectic blog (including professional, cross-disciplinary, and working mom topics), or necessarily the current views of those who contributed guest posts or commented on this blog.

The posts included here represent my technology and writing interests from 2009 – 2011, but are not current endorsements, recommendations, guidance / counsel, or advice. Technology and the Social Web have changed, over the years, and the research at this site is not current. That said, many of the themes explored through this blog are in my opinion evergreen discussions. Many of the technical communication products explored and discussed here, or more often, discussions on various technical communication, marketing, and content management approaches to delivering or managing information, between 2009 and 2011, are alive, well, and still offered as solutions, today, in 2022. There are posts, especially in the book review and reading log section, which are also still timely.

The links to other cited resources may be out of date, as the blog has not been regularly maintained, since it became inactive in Oct. 2011. If I find an outdated link, but the reference is still useful to the context of the original post, as often as I can, I will substitute quotation marks, to try to indicate the original reference to another resource. (If the obsolete reference to another source serves no direct relation to the discussion, I will remove it.)

When I imported content to this new domain, I lost many of my image files. I also lost my image captions, alt tags, and site navigation. As possible, I will reincorporate or replace images, captions, and these accessibility features.

I’m also fixing internal cross references and pingbacks in my comments, which still point to or are coming from my original domain name, no longer registered to me.

If you have any questions about this blog, inactive as far as new content since 2011, please feel free to contact me at, or through my LinkedIn profile. I’m also active on Facebook, for folks whom I’ve met before or with whom I share an affiliation (for example, in person, blogging, coursework, or participating in Facebook groups, together). There, I post the occasional pics of grown or nearly grown kids, dogs, New England gardens, a once in awhile recipe, and camping trips, with my retired hubby.

We still always try to remain mindful of our blessings and to live with abundant gratitude, especially after the last couple years, moving forward, from the pandemic. We hope that anyone who crosses paths with this blog, either in the past or in the present, likewise always remains safe and well, both online and in your lives, off-line. Thank you very much, to those, whose kindness and positive example made a difference.

*Contact information is current, as of 5/19/2022.