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Content for a Convergent World (Copyright © 2009 by Peg Mulligan. All rights reserved) was my Professional Blog, which explored the intersection of technology with communications, from Mar. 2009 – Oct. 2011. It has been an inactive blog, since Oct. 2011. I have recently republished content, in April 2022, streamlining, editing, and updating links, as well as removing less timely content, for example, related to being a young working Mom, which I do not foresee republishing, in the near future, as well as occasional reviews or topics, which are also not as current, to my present circumstances, professional interests, or expertise. (See full copyright information below.)

Today, I live North of Boston, with my husband, nearly grown family, and three labs (not the beloved labs from 2011, but just as cherished by my entire family).

I’m happy to connect with former colleagues, blogging or otherwise, at my email address, current as of 5/2022: margaretpegmulligan@gmail.com or by way of my LinkedIn profile.

There is additional content on the web, today, which I originally authored at Content for a Convergent World, and which is now copied and hosted under my nickname Peg, at my former domain. The information, hosted at my former domain, and which I have not registered or owned since approx. 2011, was copied out of context, without my permission, at a site, using my name and likeness. The information at my former domain also uses my image and Content for a Convergent World blog logo and branding, without my permission. At one time, the site currently using my former domain name and logo, spoke of me in the past tense, with possible copy-edits to my original text.

For this reason, it makes sense to clarify current contact info, for anyone who is interested in republishing posts from this blog, or in trying to reach me, for any other required permissions. I maintain full rights, to this blog’s content, branding, logo, and the image used, in my branding. I want to let folks know that for many years, I’ve been a stay at home mom, here North of Boston. When I took my blog down approx. in 2011, it was my intent to remove from the blogosphere all blog content and pages, related to Content for a Convergent World. Though I had not until recently (as of 5/2022) been actively blogging, I’m still living in MA with my family, gratefully, especially after what we have all gone through, adjusting to our new lives, in a post-pandemic world.

Among other reasons for retiring from professional blogging, was the content was increasingly difficult to maintain, especially with so many links to other online resources, which frequently changed their page URLs. The references to technology, always evolving, were also difficult to maintain and keep current, especially with the competing demands at the time, of raising my young family. These many years later, I recognize that I probably should have left a copy of the inactive blog online, at my former domain, as an an archive, especially for my guest bloggers, or for those who supported my blogging efforts, in other important ways, but hindsight often is 20/20. As my previous domain is still not registered to me, I am republishing my blog content, here at this new site (http://margaretpegmulligan.com)–the only site hosting Content for a Convergent World content, authored by Peg Mulligan, or hosted for her guest bloggers, between Mar. 2009 – Oct. 2011, with my permission.

Content for a Convergent World was definitely a rookie blog, but also a labor of love and an important learning vehicle for me, at the time. It introduced me, to some very nice fellow bloggers, especially those who were guest bloggers or who took the time to comment on, or share my blog posts. I also want to warmly remember the guest bloggers who participated in the Live with Abundance series, which explored using social media for good. I hope that wherever you are, that the spirit of those Live with Abundance blog posts, especially, go on.

Purpose of Content for a Convergent World – Peg Mulligan’s Blog

The blog covered a variety of topics related to Peg’s interests as a  Content Developer, who had worked in high technology settings for about a decade.  Previous to that, I was an instructor in secondary, university, and government settings, with a focus on teaching writing, literature, and history.

The continuity in my different roles had been my love of learning and sharing content with others, whether through written instructions, explaining in person, or interacting through a variety of online and offline media.

This blog focused on  the intersection of technology with communications.  It also referred to different types of content, as so well-described in Vince Giorgi’s post, “Is It Content? Software? Let’s Call It a Branded Experience.”  For Giorgi, a good working definition of content is as follows:

“Value-adding information, interactions, and experiences by which brands engage and build affinity with the audiences vital to their business success.”

In this view, content encompasses, but is ultimately “so much more than words.” Giorgi described content as “not only white papers and webinars” but also “widgets, generators, configurators, and calculators that let customers, prospects, or stakeholders accomplish real work, or real lifestyle fulfillment.”

Giorgi drew inspiration for his post, from Hillel Cooperman, who formerly directed the Windows user interface team at Microsoft, and is the more recent founder of Jackson Fish Market.  At a recent conference, Hillel proposed that “software and content are becoming so intertwined, there’s no longer much point in drawing any distinction.”

Exploring this “content-software convergence,” or in broader terms, this communications-technology convergence, was the purpose of this blog.

In addition to technical communication (my primary area of former expertise) and technology, I examined related disciplines, topics, and trends, including content marketing, user experience, instructional design, and very enthusiastically—social media.

I also wrote about social media for good in my ongoing Live with Abundance series, which celebrated the human spirit, providing stories of inspiration, and highlighting various causes and nonprofessional interests. (I welcomed guest bloggers in general, but most especially for the Live with Abundance series.)

Through my posts, I exchanged ideas with technical communicators, content & social media marketers, user experience specialists, instructional designers, product managers, customer experience specialists, and the many other technical colleagues who were part of such a rich, cross-disciplinary experience.

I welcomed comments and participation in helping to shape this blog. As Content Wrangler Scott Abel notes (as @scottabel, on Twitter):

“Digital acumen is no longer a niche capability; it’s part of the central and requisite skill set for all knowledge workers.”

Thanks to all those who joined me here. Through my posts, I explored the digital acumen, so necessary for all knowledge workers to remain competitive in today’s global workforce.

Content for a Convergent World. Copyright © 2009 by Peg Mulligan. All rights reserved.

Copyright information: All material on Content for a Convergent World (https://margaretpegmulligan.com/) is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without express permission from the author, Margaret (Peg) Mulligan. This includes the information in all posts and accompanying photographs, as well as the author’s banner image and logo (there are two versions, of the Convergent World banner and logo. Both are protected by copyright, including Peg Mulligan’s logo image.) The entire blog has been copyrighted since 2009. Posts that the author has selected not to republish in 2022, remain under the original copyright and may not be reproduced, without permission.

To request permission for replication of posts, send an e-mail to margaretpegmulligan@gmail.com, along with the following information:

  • Which post you are interested in obtaining permission to reproduce
  • The specific use for the post
  • Information about your intended audience for my posts

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