On the #RedSoxTweetup: A Day for Champions, in Boston, MA

Yesterday, my husband and I braved the cold and damp to take the kids in to Fenway Park, for the very first @RedSox TweetUp. The pre-game event was originally scheduled to take place in the area on the right field Bud Deck. The location was moved to The Bleacher Bar, on Lansdowne Street, because of the rainy forecast. Despite the weather, the event was very well-attended and lots of fun.

 First-Ever Red Sox TweetUp

We were really pleased that both The Bleacher Bar and the Boston Red Sox were so accommodating about kids…The “Bleacher Fries,” topped with salsa, cheese, & jalapenos, were a big hit with the entire family (pun unintended), 🙂 and the service was great.

There was also a guest appearance, by Wally the Green Monster–the official mascot for the Boston Red Sox. Autographed giveaways and ticket upgrades kept things interesting. So, too, did appearances by Red Sox reporter Heidi Watney, from the New England Sports Network (NESN).

Despite the overcast weather, spirits at Fenway Park remained high throughout the match-up, between the Boston Red Sox and Detroit Tigers.

Though our TweetUp tickets (for just $30.00 each) were for Standing Room Only, I was happy to discover we had a great view of the game, behind first base, as well as an overhang above us, which protected us from any occasional drizzle.

Former MA Governor Paul Celluci: A Real Champion

For me, probably the most poignant part of the evening came pre-game, when former Governor Paul Cellucci, took to the field to raise money for ALS research. He was accompanied by past political colleagues, as well as UMass neurologist, Dr. Robert H. Brown Jr., and the medical school’s Chancellor, Dr. Michael F. Collins.

Celluci, who has been diagnosed with ALS (often called  Lou Gehrig’s disease), announced the UMass ALS Champion Fund, which aims to raise millions in support of ALS research, at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. (For more information, you can also join the fight on Facebook or Twitter.)

Earlier, MA Gov. Deval Patrick had honored Celluci’s initiative, declaring Thursday as “Paul Cellucci/ALS Champion Day” in Massachusetts, while Boston Mayor Thomas Menino had declared the day, as “Champion Day” in Boston.

The Newest Fenway Tweep

At one point before the game, the usher saw us struggling to photograph the entire family. She thoughtfully offered to take the picture. Almost amazingly, the kids all cooperated and no one blinked their eyes—leaving us with a snapshot souvenir of our young family together at Fenway Park—a moment preserved in time, which we’ll always remember.

Another snapshot souvenoir involves my son, who btw, was the life of the post-TweetUp party, among a group of friendly Fenway Tweeps. We’re still grateful to them, for making so much of our chatty little boy, during what for him was a very exciting time.

My son will never forget his first Red Sox game (we don’t count the one from when he was too young to remember). It was a fitting close for him and for us, when the Red Sox walked it off again, in a 4-3 victory.

This post is part of my ongoing Social Media for Good series.

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