Polar Plunge 2011: Bold in the Cold

This post is part of my ongoing Live with Abundance: Social Media for Good series.

This weekend, my kids and I participated in the fifth annual Polar Plunge. Originally scheduled for Super Bowl Sunday, the event was rescheduled this year, due to icy waters and limited parking, caused by the severe weather conditions this winter.

According to event organizers, the ocean today was only a couple degrees warmer than it would have been in January. Still, I think we all lucked out *a lot*, considering the beautiful, sunny day had a Winter is done, Spring is finally here feeling. You know the kind of day, especially if you live in New England. That first early Spring day, when you feel all the promise of the best six months of the year in front of you, and when winter just falls off of your spirit, as easily as you slip out of that bulky nuisance of a coat.

Well, it wasn’t *that* warm actually–my legs turned red–like I’d been scalded–when I emerged from the frigid water. And my little boy–a bit shocked from his dunk–looks at me now, with a slightly betrayed look in his eyes…but still! 🙂 the kids and I all had a blast.

My little boy will feel more cause for celebrating, when at assembly tomorrow, he sees the event trophy his school won for the second year in a row, raising money for the North Shore Community Development Coalition.

I really feel very proud, to be part of the closeness of the Salem and Beverly communities, where so many turn out each year to plunge in such cold conditions, to support affordable housing and a local homeless shelter.

To make a donation

Donations can be made at www.polarplunge.dojiggy.com.

For more information

Contact the North Shore Community Development Coalition at 978-825-4016 or polarplunge@northshorecdc.org.

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