Links of Note on Video and Screencasting

I’m concluding my month-long+ series of posts on video, with the following list of resources on video and screencasting.

This will be a topic I’ll return to often, especially as I believe it’s so important to the future of both marketing and technical communication.

And I still need to ante up, here at this blog, putting my new Flip video camcorder to professional use. Right now, I’m having a blast with it, interviewing my favorite video subjects—the three young Mulligans, at home, or out and about, at their many activities. It’s a good start for me. Though I’ve always lived with a camara in my hand, I left most of the family videotaping to hubby. The Flip’s so easy to use and compact that I’m enjoying it almost as much as my digital camara, because it’s so similar to a camara. I highly recommend it for others who are easing in to the world of online video.




Screencasting Software

SEO Tips for YouTube

Video Stats

Case Studies

From MarketingProfs: Case Study: How Domino’s Managed a Viral Video Nightmare

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