Links of Note: Top Trends and Predictions for 2010

It’s Jan. 31st already, and that new year feeling is fading fast, which reminds me of my favorite line from Shelley:

If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

But while we are still in the season of resolutions and predictions, I’m providing below a list of Top Trends posts, which will shape my reading and likely my blog posts, in the coming months.

So, what’s your top technology or business prediction for the new year?

And have you decided yet how to pronounce 2010? Is it  “twenty ten,” or “two thousand ten”?

Grammar Girl Mignon Fogarty officially weighs in that either pronunciation is correct, though both she and the Associated Press have made the same style decision, to call this year “twenty ten.”

I’m not sure if I’m just very formal or being contrary, but I find myself more often saying, “two thousand ten.”

Enough with New Year’s and winter thoughts. Just 48 more days, until SpringOnward.

Technology and Web Trends

From TechCrunch: Ten Technologies That Will Rock 2010

ReadWriteWeb’s Top 5 Web Trends of 2009

From WebWorker Daily: Where Will We Be at the End of the Next Decade?

From iMedia Connection: Emerging platforms you should bookmark (or forget about) in 2010

Technical Communication Trends

From the Technical Communication Center (by Larry Kunz): Technical Communication Trends in the 2010s

From the Scriptorium Publishing Blog: 2010 predictions for technical communication

From the Cherryleaf Technical Authors Blog: Ten trends in technical communication for 2010 and beyond

From the I’d Rather Be Writing Blog: Top Trends in Technical Communication

Inbound and Online Marketing Trends

From the HubSpot Blog: Must-Read Inbound Marketing Predictions and Resolutions for the New Year

From eMarketer: 12 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2010

From Search Engine Land: The Big List: 2010 Marketing Predictions & Resolutions

Content Management Trends

From CMS Watch: 2010 Content Technology Predictions

Online Learning Trends

From the Social Media in Learning Blog: More (social media) predictions for 2010

Search Trends

From WebPro News: Search Trends for 2010 and Beyond

From the Skipease Blog: Five Google Search Trends for 2010

From the SEOmozBlog: 8 Predictions for SEO in 2010

Social Media Trends

From Jeremiah Owyang’s Web Strategy Blog: Slides: Four Social Media Trends for Business in 2010

From Social Media Today: Five Social Media Predictions for 2010

Personal Branding Trends

From MarketingProfs: Personal Branding Predictions: Top 10 for 2010

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