Links of Note, Fall 2009: Guidelines for a Social Media Policy

The following links describe how to establish a social media policy, at your company or nonprofit organization. They also provide examples of successful social media policies, such as IBM’s Social Computing Guidelines: Blogs, Wikis, Social Networks, Virtual Worlds, and Social Media, and the American Red Cross Social Media Guidelines, which are often cited as models. I plan to  annotate this post, or write a more detailed follow-up post, after I better review these examples and guidelines.

In the meantime, here’s a great place to get started, ensuring that your employees understand their responsibilities, when using social media. As employees, these resources will help you better understand how to best protect your company, and just as importantly, how to protect your own personal and professional interests, when embarking in the world of social media.

Do you use social media during your work day, or as part of your job? Does your company have a social media policy in place? What’s working? What issues most concern your employers? What minimum guidelines do you advise?

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