Don’t Miss New E-Book: “Social Media’s Collective Wisdom: Simplifying Marketing with Social Media”

Back in April, I was a guest blogger at C.B. Whittemore‘s  “Flooring the Consumer” marketing blog, for her Social Media Series: Bridging New & Old. In the post, Social Media Series: Peg Mulligan on Bridging New & Old, Whittemore interviewed me on how to bridge the gaps that exist between the old ways of communicating and the new ones.

In her overview on the entire series, she describes the interviews as a “sparking discussion and actionable ideas on how best to reach all customers and include them in discussions about the value we offer.”

This June, I enjoyed meeting C.B. Whittemore in person, at the MarketingProfs B2B Forum, in Boston. I am genuinely impressed by C.B.’s abilities as a connector of both people and ideas. I’m also grateful and humbled that C.B. asked me to participate in such a vibrant and actionable series, in the company of so many veteran social media practitioners.

In her recently released e-book, “Social Media’s Collective Wisdom: Simplifying Marketing with Social Media,” Whittemore distills tools and approaches from the first 26 participants in the ongoing series, all social media practitioners, to help jump start the process of implementing social media in organizations.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Miss New E-Book: “Social Media’s Collective Wisdom: Simplifying Marketing with Social Media”

  1. Peg, this is so wonderful! Thank you for getting the word out. And, thank you for participating in my social media series and sharing your intense wisdom!!! I love that we got to meet at the MProfs B2B Forum. Best, CB

    • Hi CB,
      Thank you again for asking me to join the series and congrats on this milestone. You’ve provided a great service to the business and social media community through your interview series and by distilling all that knowledge in the e-book. –Peg

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