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This post includes my inaugural contributions to MarketingProfs Get to the Po!nt newsletters, which ran this past June through August, under search marketing.

Get to the Po!nt newsletters provide bite-size nuggets of information, with entertaining summaries of articles from leading marketing resources, including actionable steps and a concluding point to incorporate into marketing strategy.

Since I started contributing to these newsletters, I’ve benefited greatly working with MarketingProfs editorial staff, whose lively voice and copyedits help ensure that the broader series of Get to the Po!nt newsletters are consistently engaging, informative, and actionable.

If you are interested in receiving Get to the PoInt newsletters, you can sign up for free here, on a wide range of topics, including High-Tech MKG & Sales, Search Engine Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Interactive Marketing, B2B Marketing, Email Marketing, Customer Insight, Small Business, and Marketing Inspiration.

Here are my MarketingProfs newsletter contributions, from this past summer:

  • Meet the SEO Royal Family: Advises placing a greater focus on the SEO Royal Family, including content, usability, and relevance, to optimize website conversion rates.
  • Serving Up the Perfect SEO Sandwich:  Provides tips on how to keep your in-house SEO effort moving forward, by guiding the conversation among the three ‘sandwich’ levels of stakeholders (executives, management, and everyone else) in your organization.
  • Where SEO Yin Meets SM Yang: To extend your reach and facilitate engagement, advises factoring in the value of search and social media into your content strategy.
  • Feeling Left Out? Link Up at Home?: Provides tips on optimizing your internal navigation to boost your page rankings from the inside out.
  • Peeling This Doesn’t Make You Cry: Describes how digging deeper into that SEO onion “offers a great competitive advantage—unlike paid search, where anyone can beat you out with a better keyword bid.” Provides tips for optimizing the two main layers of SEO: on-page factors and off-page factors.
  • Form the Perfect SEO Storm: Advises thinking beyond SEO best practices and keeping in mind how non-SEO factors also drive organic traffic.

I summarized articles for these newsletters from the following search and online marketing blogs: Search Engine Land, TopRank Online Marketing Blog, Search Engine Guide, MarketingProfs, and Search Engine Watch.

Do you have suggestions on any additional resources for SEO or search engine marketing? What SEO topics interest you the most?

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